My name is Shawn Smith

I'm a Full Stack Developer embarking on an exciting career change from warehouse operations to Software Engineering. Throughout my years in logistics, I honed my attention to detail, problem-solving abilities, and knack for efficient workflow management. Now, I'm seamlessly applying these transferable skills to create robust and user-friendly web applications. My expertise in optimizing processes and maximizing productivity directly translates into writing efficient code. Moreover, my strong communication and teamwork skills enable me to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams. With a deep passion for technology and a commitment to continuous learning.


Footy Connect

Full Stack MERN Application. With full CRUD operations. The App is called "Footy Connect" and it is a simple social media app that allows users to post interesting topics related to soccer whether it is transfer news, game updates, etc.

Technology Used
  • React, Node.js, Express, MongoDB, Redux

The Otaku Chronicles

This is a web application built with Python, Flask, React.js, and SQLAlchemy. The application allows users to create and publish blog posts related to anime and manga, as well as add information about anime, manga, and characters.

Technology Used
  • Flask, React, Tailwind CSS, SQLite, SQLAlchemy

Mastermind Game

The object of MASTERMIND (r) is to guess a secret code consisting of a series of 4 colored pegs. Each guest results in feedback narrowing down the possibilities of the code. The winner is the player who solves his opponents secret code with fewer guesses.

Technology Used
  • Python

My Portfolio

Web App to easily stage my experience and all my projects using React

Technology Used
  • React, Next


I've worked with a range a technologies in the Software Engineering world both Front-End & Back-End

  • Front-End

    Experience with
    React.js, JavaScript, Tailwind, MaterialUI, Next.js

  • Back-End

    Experience with
    Python, Flask, Node, Express

  • Databases

    Experience with
    SQL, MongoDB, SQLite

My Path

I decided to make a career change from Warehouse Operations to Web development. My goal as a Full-Stack Developer is to bring creativity to technical problems. I have always enjoyed photography, other creative hobbies, and problem solving. Being a developer allows me to express both my problem solving abilities in addition to expressing my creativity. With my background I can provide efficiency, innovation, imagination and mesh into a collaborative environment.

Personal Achievements


Blog posts about frontend technologies


Collaborate Projects


Hackathons won with my team


Open source contribution

Solving technical problems creatively